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Thursday, October 13, 2011

a custom order for Samantha completed & hand-delivered in NYC :)

Vacation in NYC, part 1

Holidays are the craziest time & it's typically a non-stop hustle. So, I've found taking a vacation in October (after the summer time fairs and right before the holiday hustle) is THE BEST THING EVER. Also, the weather is nothing but awesome sauce (time to dust off those coats!).
pork belly steamed bun - momofuku ssam bar
 Kevin joined me for my vacation and we ate our faces off all over the city. We ventured to Momofuku Ssam Bar.
spicy pork sausage & rice cakes - momofuku ssam bar
 We also had the oysters with yellow watermelon & thai basil (gahhhhh...) & sweets from Milk Bar.

We then traveled to Brooklyn Bowl to watch a free preview of this season's first episode of Bored to Death. I was hoping :sigh: Jonathan aka Jason Schwartzman aka my boyfriend in another life would be there. Was he? No. But real life Jonathan aka Jonathan Ames was!
We headed to Barcade to spend the quarters weighing down my tote bag. I kicked his butt at Tetris!!
Then it was back to BK Bowl for the smooth, groovy tunes of DJ ?uestlove of the Roots.
 Home at 4:30am. Not bad for the first night :)
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