This weekend's paintings

Monday, August 08, 2011

finished a custom order for Brooke :)

I really really love this one. Just a pair of imaginative adventurers. Expect a print very soon!

Just a quick doodle while at {paper & type}'s beautiful table at Saturday's fair.

A field day at Nucleus

Oh brother boy oh boy did I spend a lot of money on artsy things this weekend. I thought it was going to stop at Michael Levine but then I went to Nucleus's opening on Saturday and bought a book. Then I went back the following day for "An Afternoon with David Colman." I feel like I'm in a drawing rut (as opposed to a drawing block). I can definitely draw and draw well, but I'm getting tired of the same ole style. SO! In hopes of ending this streak of boredom, I ventured to this seminar. And boy did it work! I'm so glad I went. I even won one of the raffles & took one of his original sketches from the demo home with me:
I also took home two books and a print by Chris Appelhans (for my booooyfriend) and a print by Jon Klassen for ME!

During the seminar David said something about the difference between animators and illustrators, and I realized I was becoming more of an illustrator and less and less an animator. Womp. I want to stay fresh, versatile, able to draw in different styles, and always pulling from real life. So, I've decided I need to change my routine a little bit to accommodate the habits of an animator again... this means constantly carrying a sketch book to draw everything around me (not just for jotting painting ideas), finding a place to do figure drawing, and doing research on the animals I draw before I start adding creative flairs.

And that's just what I did when I got home :)
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