Tree a Day #10

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I just realized I probably sewed over 90 stuffed creatures last year. I started taking inventory in September and I have 81 plush friends logged. WTF! How did I do all that by hand?!

New Custom Order: Beagle

Soon I will begin the process of transforming this sketch into a huggable friend... right before your very computer screen! Poooof! 

Shout out to Emily for the challenge :)

Tree a Day #8 & #9: Keepin' it fro real, yo

I missed drawing people so walla! I present you with the people who walked by the tree I sketched! Rush hour is the best time to sit in Ayala park. It's dark enough so they turn on all the twinkle lights in the trees, but light enough so I can draw. And people are EVERYWHERE... walking around, jogging, doing the strangest stretches I've ever seen (like waving their arms around frantically while walking in a small circle. I assume its for circulation?). Some like to cuddle, some like to sit & listen to music. It's just a feast for the eyes. And it's right outside where I'm living :) . God bless primo location.

Drew this one while dining in the Philippine's first pay by weight frozen yogurt place, Qoola (aka yogurtland)!! Woo! Their tag line makes me giggle:

"Keepin' it fro real, yo"

Leave it to the pinoys to come up with corny gangstah slogans. REPRESENT! I also like that when greeting a man & a woman, the host doesn't split it up. They say: "Thank you ma'amsir!" Oh, and for some reason, the elevators smell like bubble gum. It's wonderful! And the floors are slippery so when I'm alone, I slide from one end to the other. Very short distance, but exhilarating regardless. 

Yes... I am a five year old kid trapped in a 25 year old lady :]
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