I know it's silly...

Monday, October 18, 2010

stuffing my NYC-bound bag with cliff bars & granola but I'm on a budget! Then I can splurge on shake shack, cafe habana corn & levain cookies! :) OH GAWD I'm excited! Mmm... Yoga to the People, autumn & falling red/orange leaves, public transportation!!, sitting on the steps of Union Square & munching on recent Trader Joes purchases... ahhhhhhh!!!

I think I feel especially excited about this trip because the last time I flew to NYC was from Southeast Asia. I was jetlagged, transitioning, miserable, exhausted and battling the city's energy. Now, I'm adjusted, completely immersed in my business and life in the US... It'll be a good check-in & vacation :) Oh, and traveling again! Oh hubba hubba how I've missed you :)

Hustlin' Before I Start Truckin'

Working now so I can play later in the playground that is New York City & Los Angeles :)

Christmas Card!

Here's the first spread. Soon to be available for pre-order on etsy :).
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