Kangaroos, koalas, and wallabies, oh my!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm going to jump ahead and get to one of the highlights of my Australian adventure. I stayed with Lindsey, an American I met while backpacking in Thailand 4 years ago. She's an au pair for a family in Mornington Peninsula which is kind of like Melbourne's version of the Jersey Shore--pretty beaches, relatively small towns and very interesting & rich people. It was nice to get a feel for "residential" life.

Anyway, while doing my research on Mornington, I discovered you could cuddle with a koala at the Moonlit Conservatory. SAY WHAT?!? So after a wild adventure in the car and driving on the left side, Lindsey, her friend Liam, and I arrived at a very small zoo. However, we were not disappointed.
We pet a dingo.
Watched a wombat pass out.
 Fed wallabies. SO CUTE! I think every animal in Australia has the softest ears.
And the $10 additional fee highlight of my LIFE... meeting this guy.
 Homie trying to sneak a peek.
Gah, he's as soft as I hoped he'd be!!
And he smells like eucalyptus!
So so so so happy. Dreams do come true!

That time in Australia when my dreams came true

I will tell you all about it very soon.
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