Progress Report #1: Harold (!!!!!!!)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mmmmm!!! This one just makes me grin mostly because I haven't made a plush toy for myself since, um, since........... my first elephant in 2008? Everything else I've made with the intent of selling or have sold without meaning to. I used to have a problem with letting go of the things I create. Paintings, first prototypes of stuffed animals, sketches, etc. There are a few things that I'll never sell like the aforementioned elephant (she started it all!), my moon mobile and cabinet of curiosities. I've let go of my first tree branch (to Victo :), my first pair of headphones (a gift to its inspiration, Rich), first letter (to Bruce), first plush meets hollowed out book (to Kevin), muji pillowcase (to James), dinosaur (sitting sweetly in Majestical Roof), what I consider to be my greatest painting (on its way to the Elephant Nature Park) and ice cream painting (now sitting in a 2 year old girl's room in Maryland). I forget who but someone assured me that the more you make, the easier it is to let go. And I've found it to be true.

I remember watching Mary Poppins for the first time and one scene struck a nerve (no, not the waiter-penguins but they are awesome!). The sudden downpour causes Mary, Bert & the kids to escape from the world within Bert's drawings. The girl frowns as the rain washes away the chalk, and says, "Oh Bert! All your beautiful drawings!" Bert assures her not to worry because they're all in his head. And as the family scurries out of the rain, Bert stays to skip, dance & help the rain wash away his drawings. He even spins, watching the chalk smear under his feet.

Something about that scene just tugs at my heartstrings... I can see why I hold it dear to my heart. It's the mentality that the things you create and make exist to be shared even if they'll disappear, be ruined or run the risk of being un(der)appreciated. The outcome can't hurt you if you created it with love. So, about that piece of advice regarding making more & letting go... I'd like to change it a little: the more you make & create with love, the easier it is to give.
Here's the O.G. Harold. I changed the color scheme for the plush but damn, golden belly to rub can't be anything but super.

Please Don't Throw Your Cigarette Buds Here

The last picture is awesome. That crook in his mustache looks like a sneer at the sign, haha. And props to Casey for the excellent modeling skills :)
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