Tuesday, May 04, 2010

is such a tiring part of traveling... having to sift through everything & decide what's worth keeping & what's disposable. It's an exhausting way to conclude living somewhere, and always leaves you wondering, how did I accumulate so much stuff?! So I'm taking a break from it to write about it, haha.

In my sorting/sifting/organizing/tossing, I realized that my belongings breakdown as: 35% gifts/food to be shared, 20% stuffed animals, 15% clothes, 20% craft supplies/art-related goodies, 5% electronics, 5% misc. I feel like whatever you decide to keep & take with you on your next journey is very telling of the experiences you had. So, if I were to apply that to me I would conclude... Haha, I like food. That, and my art, my business. I didn't really accumulate much in the realm of souvenirs & trinkets, but I do have 7 sketchbooks filled cover to cover, found shells & a cabinet, & art supplies like whoa. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I didn't put a lot of effort into physically bringing back my experiences--rather I'm going to recreate them when I get back. I consider my most prized "souvenirs" to be my sketchbooks since they serve as blueprints for future storybooks, art pieces, toys, paintings.

I guess what's also bothering me, though it shouldn't now, is that I have to pack AGAIN! when I'm in NYC. I left most of my belongings in the brx because I planned to live there again upon arrival. A lot can change in a month so when you multiply that by 7, you're so far from where you thought you'd be you don't even recognize yourself. I wonder how/if that affects your relationships with people. (I'm purely rambling at this point.) If some people feel like home because of the climate of the world at the time, or if some people feel like home because they just are. That's the nature of your connection with them. Oh brother. I guess I'll find out soon.

On a happy note, my aunt announced that we're going to eat at a pinoy eat-all-you-can tomorrow for my despedida (which would be my 4th despedida since every dine out has been filled with "Oooh you have to try this before you go! Just get it! You're leaving!" Definitely not complaining.)

Oh brother! How to make sense of this mess...

This one's ready to go! Full of snacks & plush hahaha. Anyway, this explains the lack of posts recently. Lots to do before I leave Thursday morning.

::stomps on leaf:: AMERICA!! ;)
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