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Friday, July 29, 2011

I met with Mark Anthony Diaz a couple weeks ago for BakitWhy.com and here's what he wrote!

Genevieve Santos
is an artistic entrepreneur who is always on the go. At a young age, Genevieve drew her heart away and dreamed one day of becoming an artist. As a child her inspiration was drawn from Disney Cartoons while part of her artistic abilities also revolve around physical and unique creations through crafting.

Genevieve has come a long way since then. After high school she studied and majored in communications and animation, which landed her a job in the film business. But even through all of her endeavors, she was still not completely satisfied.

After some time, Genevieve ventured out on her own and created the business she now owns, Le Petit Elefant (“the small elephant” in French) which has grown immensely within the past three years. Her business consists of toys, handmade crafts and artworks for children and to anyone "kid-at-heart". Although everything started slow, after a few moments of doubt, she stood her ground and continued to pursue her love as an independent artist. Through all this, she has experienced much of the ups and downs of running a business, but at the end of the day, it is all worth it. She is a woman that builds her inspiration from travelling, as well as from other artists such as Tim Burton. "I always have to be on the go" says Genevieve, "I can't get too comfortable in one place".

After all these sacrifices that Genevieve encountered, she is now managing Le Petit Elefant as her fulltime job.

Her message to those who are starting or in the middle of creating their business is as follows; To not give up, to find the spark that fuels you, and to never get too comfortable.

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