A Weekend of Craft Fairs!

Friday, November 30, 2012

It's been a strange goal of mine to do two craft fairs in the same weekend and this Saturday and Sunday, my dreams are coming true. I'll be vending in person at Bazaar Bizarre in San Francisco, while Kevin (with my former intern Jackie on Saturday, and partner-in-calendar-crime, Victoria of Paper & Type on Sunday) will taking care of business at Unique LA in downtown Los Angeles. It's been utter mayhem preparing for two simultaneous fairs and planning booth set ups but I'm excited it's finally here. Come say hello!

New for the SF fair: narwhal & elephant chalkboard ornaments, 5x7 Holiday Clink print, framed prints, and yes, they're back... plush muffs! I'll be bringing the full range of goodies next weekend to Renegade Craft Fair LA, so don't stress if you miss this weekend. Kevin will be happy to see you though :)

Happy Thanksgiving + Black Friday Sale!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Now, on to the good stuff...
For this year's Black Friday sale, I'm celebrating all weekend long! Stock up on cards, prints, stamps and other random goodies because this time around, the shipping's on me, and all orders over $45 get a free gift (hint: if you like the image above, you'll LOVE the gift). Just use coupon code CORNBREAD as you check out. I have a bonus coupon code for fellow Doctor Who fans out there, too. Try typing coupon code EXTERMINATE as you check out for your free shipping, and you just may get a Who-related free gift, too. Choose your coupon code wisely!

New in the shop: Holiday Clink Card, 8x10 prints Growing Up Geek & Tea. Earl Grey. Hot., and gift certificates for those who can't decide which print or card to get for their friend. Exclusive to my big cartel shop, I'm also having special deals with the 2013 calendar, greeting cards, and prints. So go crazy!

I hope your Thanksgiving was delicious. Happy shopping, and happy official start of the holiday season :)

Ice cream & cookies (& Thanksgiving leftovers!),

Guest Post for Paper Pastries

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Margaret of Paper Pastries asked me guest blog for her as she prepared for her wedding next Saturday (yay!). The dates aligned perfectly with my NY vacation so that's what I shared. Enjoy!

A fan's RAWR tattoo!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

I just had to share how amazing Jess's tattoo turned out. I'm so flattered eeeee!! This is the second time my art has been permanently inked. See the first one (Clink) here.

I'm on vacation!

I've a feeling we're not in California anymore. Go with your feeling because I'm in New York City. I make an annual trip in the fall to see the pretty leaves & have a breather before the holidays. Instead of autumn leaves, I witnessed the first snow of the season. Just as pretty.

The online shops (both Etsy & BigCartel) are closed & will be up & running again on 11/12. In the meantime, here's a 2013 Calendar contest just for you, and you can follow my trip via instagram.

Calendar Giveaway: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Happy November! We're two months away from the new year and even closer to the first day of winter, but let's think green for a moment. 

When Victoria of Paper & Type and I were brainstorming themes for our 3rd collaborative calendar, many delightful ideas came to mind but one stood out in particular: growth. Victoria has a greener thumb than I do-I don't grow anything in my garden-but one of my favorite childhood memories was Community Garden Day in Kindergarten. Everyone was assigned to bring flower bulbs, seeds, gardening tools and supplies and for one whole day, we got our hands dirty in soil and seedlings. Did I love gardening because it was a respite from forming simple sentences in class? Probably. But growing up, I was also obsessed with "The Secret Garden" and loved the idea of having a secret haven to explore all to myself. Even the gang of Community took the idea and made it their own:

I digress! I thought about what my secret garden would be like, and I imagined it as a mix between Willy Wonka's chocolate factory garden (but substitute chocolate with ice cream & cookies), a Japanese zen garden, & Gaudi's Park G├╝ell in Barcelona. And I kind of like the idea of a trampoline:

Now it's giveaway time: What you would grow in your garden?

*Email/tweet/blog comment/fb your answer for an opportunity to win the 2013 Calendar by Genevieve Santos + Paper & Type. I'll be giving away two calendars: one winner will be chosen randomly, & the second winner will have my favorite answer. Contest ends Sunday, November 11th at 11:59pm PST, & winners will be announced November 12.

You can be as silly and goofy as you wish. In fact, I welcome it. And get creative! Write a haiku, a short description, or draw a picture. Good luck!

*email: hello@genevievesantos.com
PS: Victoria is also hosting the giveaway so please only reply once. 

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