Thursday, July 01, 2010

New Mexico - Arizona.
Tried to make it to the Grand Canyon but only made it was far as Page, AZ.

My fingers were too slow to snap the picture so I sketched it instead. It was a little boy on steps ordering a snow cone from an old, rickety stand. AWESOME. He seemed so shy & indecisive.
itty bitty James on his way to pee.
Just like CARS! I have so much more appreciation for that movie now.
Soooooo many canyons!
Sun was setting so finding a campsite/space on the ground to sleep was a bit tricky. It was a warm night so we slept tentless & under the stars. I got a little nervous about insects biting me, but I slept eventually. Stay tuned for pictures of the site tomorrow because technically, that's Day 3 :)

I'll also have to add the photos from Taos NM on James's phone.

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