Tuesday, November 09, 2010

photo a la Bruce

Every journal entry written while on my 2-week Los Angeles getaway begins with an expression of gratitude for my friends. It's no coincidence really. Just a very clear indicator for why I keep coming back to LA. I honestly could care less for LA restaurants, bars, events, museums. I return for the people rather than the place. My reason for visiting NY is for the place. San Jose is for my work. And all three create a lovely balance & an excuse to move around. I could spend my days wandering from home to home as long as I maintained discipline & knowledge of self to honor what's best for me.

A couple nights ago Victo & I discussed our collection of friends & how the fact we all work together is a rare, beautiful oddity. I love that meeting, collaborating, creating, crafting, sharing, writing, cooking together is so effortless. I think what makes us all so special & connected are our personal endeavors that move beyond the 9-5 realm and into a space of personal achievement & accountability. And because we're all in it, no explanations or judgments are made. Just genuine support.

Three weeks ago, I arrived in LA feeling a little wounded. Now I feel just right. Infinite gratitude to friendships, 'good friends' & permanent soft spots. You know who you are. You know I miss you.
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