Happy Birthday Kevin Biggers!

Monday, February 28, 2011

I don't do too many birthday shout outs but this one (Kevin Biggers) definitely deserves one.

a few things fun facts about kevin:
  • ex boyfriend turned best friend
  • has a high pitched squeal when tickled or touches hot things (that's what she said playaaaa whut!)
  • so into stripes he reserves a section in his closet for striped shirts he's so into stripes
  • likes to fall asleep when watching tv:
  • responsible for making fridays enjoyable with his thursday night comedy gif recap emails
  • he cooks a mean pork chop in pomegranate vinaigrette reduction (too soon?)
  • my muse for clink & literary fort
  • semi-closeted little spoon

so cheers to kevin for being.

Preview: Ahoy! A Narwhal!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Conceived the idea while traveling in Hong Kong, finally sat down to do it in San Jose, then added the finishing touches in Los Angeles. I just have to edit the two scans together, then it's off to the etsy shop for you!

aaaaand here's the etsy link :)

New Birthday Card on ETSY!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hoorah! A lovely new card to accompany a special birthday delivery.

Away in the Hills

Monday, February 21, 2011

I've been quiet for the past few days because I've been retreating in the Hollywood Hills, where the internet is slow and the scenery is pretty.
The house is blessed with a deck but the mean LA weather has made it rather unpleasant to lounge out of doors. TODAY however! Oh boy! I did yoga outside & curled up in my blanket (sunny but windy! ow!) & painted at long last. Oh brother it felt so good to paint! I finally tackled that birthday card I've been meaning to make:
soon to be on etsy!

My head's crazy trying to figure out which craft fairs to do, which cities to fly/drive to & such. I know I want a mixture of big fairs & small towns, but we'll see how far I'm able to go. I'm thinking Los Angeles, New York, Philly, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle, and the small towns & fairs in between. If you know of any sweet fairs, feel free to holler :)

Hong Kong, pt 5: the final post I swear!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

baby's first hainan chicken
ocean park
these next pictures are by jamesour blue moose friend
where our tofu came fromthe visitor & the groom reunited
So, on our last day in Hong Kong, we checked out, left our luggage at the hostel and explored kowloon one last time. We drank delicious coconut milk, indulged in food and street markets. We sat along Avenue of the Stars watching the city skyline light show:It was a great way to end the day, all the while preparing for a 15-hour flight & intense culture-shock/transition. We scrambled to the hostel to get our stuff and right before we hopped into the lift, I took one more look at our itinerary to confirm the time. OOPS! OOOOPS! We were actually leaving the next day.... haaaaaa! Time adjustments, leaving on Feb. 3rd at 1am aka Feb. 2nd but it was actually the 1st.... Confusion! MY bad! So we hobbled back into the hostel, asked for our room back and sat in bed laughing for a good amount of time, repeatedly asking, 'wait, so what do we do tomorrow?!'

Turns out it was a very pleasant surprise. There's actually a lot you can do in an amazing city in a day and without the pressures of 'we gotta do this before we leave!' because we had already done it. It happened again back in the states when James's flight was delayed due to weather, buying us an extra day together. Happy extra days.

Felted Lolitrees!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

So soft & wooly!

In progress

It's actually done but I'll wait til the gift is given to avoid ruining any surprises.

On another note, I CLEANED MY OFFICE/ROOM! Woooo! This is a big accomplishment. I was in LA for a month, home for a day, flew to Hong Kong, and returned jet lagged to find my crafting goodies boxed up and pushed aside to the corner. I don't know about you but even though I may not keep a clean space I know EXACTLY where everything is. To come home, have orders, and find everything in disarray just threw me off course like whoa. I felt sooo unmotivated to do work. So yesterday I spent all day reorganizing & reorienting, from fabric to paper, 5 different kinds of tape to 4 different types of glue. Granted I was watching Dexter (OMG SO GOOD but can I hold someone's hand while I watch?!), it was quite a task. I even hand stamped all the bin labels on pretty tape! Once I finished, I immediately started sewing elephants. So, I guess I was just jumbled and not lazy :)

And today! I tackled the next major chore... cleaning my mobile office aka beulah, my rav4. I haven't cleaned her since... I left for New York... in 2009!! Disgusting I know. But I did it and she's squeaky clean, complete with windex scent and everything. Hoorah!

Next on the list is to put together a contract for a potential children's book illustration gig. Eeeee! I'm really in love with this project. I'll reveal more as it progresses! So, once I do that it's back on the road for me. LA, it's been too long already.

Hong Kong, Part 4: Yes there are still even more pictures

Thursday, February 10, 2011

mr softee!
best snack: fresh egg tart (it was still warm!) & fresh handmade taro milk boba
James got a haircut
to look like the guy in the middle
japanese popstar heyyyyy!
crazy dim sum

Patrick Dougherty

I LOVE LOVE love this sculptor. I rediscovered his work while perusing through Paxton Gate in SF. I wasn't going to blog about him until I mentioned him to Kevin who told me HE'S WORKED WITH HIM. When Kevin & I started dating, I remember him going to the arboretum in Arcadia to do 'work.' I had noooo idea it was to help Patrick Dougherty with an installation. Man... the points he could have earned if he mentioned that little detail. ANYWAY! I just love that Mr. Dougherty only uses tree saplings (no glue or nails), weaving in and out to create whimsy, swirling forms. Gahhh... I want to go to there.
nyt described him as 'an ebullient and rapid speaker whose sentences unfurl and coil around one another like vines.' Kevin's response:

Kevin: hahaha cool description, ny times! as i was talking to him i was like 'WHAT VINE LIKE SENTENCES!'

Hong Kong, part 3: Tung Chung to Tai O

Sunday, February 06, 2011

We took a 9 mile hike along the coast of Lantau Island from Tung Chung to Tai O, a small village built on stilts.
ngong ping 360. we decided to save the 140+ hk dollars & hike instead
the ideal work station
chinese 'pizza'
Mmmm... there's something magical about floating villages
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