Felted Lolitrees!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

So soft & wooly!

In progress

It's actually done but I'll wait til the gift is given to avoid ruining any surprises.

On another note, I CLEANED MY OFFICE/ROOM! Woooo! This is a big accomplishment. I was in LA for a month, home for a day, flew to Hong Kong, and returned jet lagged to find my crafting goodies boxed up and pushed aside to the corner. I don't know about you but even though I may not keep a clean space I know EXACTLY where everything is. To come home, have orders, and find everything in disarray just threw me off course like whoa. I felt sooo unmotivated to do work. So yesterday I spent all day reorganizing & reorienting, from fabric to paper, 5 different kinds of tape to 4 different types of glue. Granted I was watching Dexter (OMG SO GOOD but can I hold someone's hand while I watch?!), it was quite a task. I even hand stamped all the bin labels on pretty tape! Once I finished, I immediately started sewing elephants. So, I guess I was just jumbled and not lazy :)

And today! I tackled the next major chore... cleaning my mobile office aka beulah, my rav4. I haven't cleaned her since... I left for New York... in 2009!! Disgusting I know. But I did it and she's squeaky clean, complete with windex scent and everything. Hoorah!

Next on the list is to put together a contract for a potential children's book illustration gig. Eeeee! I'm really in love with this project. I'll reveal more as it progresses! So, once I do that it's back on the road for me. LA, it's been too long already.
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