Rock Paper Scissors, round 2

Thursday, August 26, 2010

So the little spoon battle is based on KB back when we used to date. I showed it to him before posting and this is what he said:

me: Hahaha
Now you know what I was doin back there. Sulking
Kevin: haha
i dont know what i was thinking exactly.
i was probably thinking 'she's an older child. she probably likes being the big spoon, being protective and nurturing.'
me: Hahahahaha
Really though?
Kevin: hahaha i mean no.
obviously i knew how cool little spoon was

Awkward Turtle

You don't become the awkward turtle. You create the awkward turtle.

A Kid Moment

I got home around 2am last night. First thing I did when I got home? Made myself a sundae. Yeah. That's something I've always wanted to do when I was kid but was never allowed. So take that parents! This 26 year old does what she wants, when she wants!

Btw, that's my travel utensil... it's a spoon on one end and fork-knife on the other end. Win!

Dulce Goes to the Park

By far the most challenging project I've ever done in 5 days... therefore, 100002348092348 awesome points. It was a good test in time management and pushing myself to make a plush so complex and so big. Hoorah!

A thought on fighting the good fight...

A few days ago, I talked to James about ego and pride. When life is going so well, you start to become a little boastful or prideful. You're receiving consistent positive validation that you're doing something right and well. Confidence paired with validation gives you such a high, it's hard to come back down. Humbleness comes from understanding that you can still learn & make mistakes, and those opportunities can come from everyone & anyone. It’s like a tree. Learning, growth & openness are what ground you downward and your confidence and pride is what causes you to branch out and extend past yourself. Maybe that’s why rappers are always repping where they came from. It’s their roots. Their humble beginnings. It’s a reminder of their struggle from ashy to classy (points if you get that reference).

The thing to remember is that you never stop fighting, and you should never stop. A mistake I tend to make is thinking I can ride a wave of good fortune indefinitely without having to work. Good fortune doesn't really come in the form of a wave--it's a singular moment. The war still wages so you have to keep hustling. And it’s not about fighting to win, it’s fighting so you never lose or give up.

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