Traveling & Work

Monday, March 25, 2013

Phew! I just returned from a 3 week backpacking trip through Southeast Asia that involved everything under the sun from spending time with elephants, zip lining through the jungle, cruising along the Mekong River, biking 40+ km through temples, and attending a wedding. It was exhausting, adventure-filled, and exhilarating but honestly, I'm glad to be back and doing work again! Ha!

On the plane from Singapore to Manila, I finally had some down time and what was the first thing I did? I brainstormed ideas and a work schedule for the next two weeks. Work work work! Wandering SE Asia for 3 weeks made me realize I love traveling as much as I love working. In the same way I itched to adventure and escape when I worked, on the road, I found myself hungry for the hustle of my business. It was an unexpected realization but a valuable one. It confirmed that I still love what I do.

I've read articles warning that turning one's hobby into a business or a money-earning endeavor can spoil the joy. Don't believe them and don't let it scare you. Yes it's possible the stress of money can make it less satisfying, and probably will initially, but if you truly love it, there's a way to make it a source of happiness and your livelihood. Making it work is the hard part, but once you do, it's magic!

You can expect posts & pictures about the trip next week. I'm taking a brief internet break and visiting my grandma in the province for a few days so until then, happy adventuring!

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