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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

So nice to meet you, 2012!

Yay! First 2012 post.

This year will be grand, epic, & with an intention to prepare for the changes in 2013. Let me explain!

Some time ago I learned about a friend's friend's lifestyle: two years of work, two years of play. For two years, she worked nonstop having typically 2-3 jobs at a time. Then she traveled for the next two years, burden-free & using the money she earned. Rinse repeat. I remember thinking her approach was GENIUS. What a good way to make yourself work & travel to find balance. Without meaning to I've adopted a similar lifestyle, & 2013 marks the beginning of PLAY! So, my overall 2012 mission (should I choose to accept [just saw Ghost Protocol & it's so good!!]) is to prepare & change my business into one I can take AND leave for my open-ended travels in 2013.
 I wasn't sure if this was something worth sharing on my blog (and perhaps it isn't), but I figured it may be interesting to someone starting her own business. Developing product and marketing is important and key, but finessing the business model and altering it here and there to nurture growth is a project on its own and just as important. I also think intention-setting is sooooo necessary. I do it as often as I can, just to make sure I'm always doing what makes me happy (because sometimes it changes!). I also take it very seriously... enough to design it in illustrator and print it on pretty paper and tape in all my planners and post on my bulletin board. Yup. Intentions. If you don't have 'em, get some!

Anyway! Looking back (ha to three days ago), 2011 was about testing the waters--I visited Hong Kong for two weeks, and I participated in several craft fairs in multiple states & cities, traveling by train, on foot, subway, car & plane. I survived! Now that I know I can handle a high volume of work in a limited space and/or time, I've been going through my day-to-day business tasks with a fine comb, looking for ways to be more efficient. So far, I've found solutions in online postage, using a program like Quickbooks for my finances, delegating website updates to my sister, having Kevin work fairs for me, and hiring an intern. I've made visual graphs (like WHOA) of my finances and earnings to pinpoint the lows & highs so I know when/what to expect & schedule accordingly. I've set monthly target financial goals (an idea I borrowed from Modern Mouse), so I don't have to worry too much about 'making enough money', or can easily decide if I haaaave to do that craft fair.

I'm really excited to see how I will shift my business into one that is nomadic-friendly. I'm open to any suggestions or ideas if you have any!

And on another note, my personal greatest happenings in 2011 (in no particular order):
  1. Disney! WOW. Dream come true... that I legally cannot elaborate on. Just. Wait. For. It!
  2. Modern Mouse - the most perfect part-time supplement/compliment to my full-time business. I feel like I've known the folks for years.
  3. Summer Craft Tour - I learned that travel and business DO MIX, and rather well, too! It was a good lesson in honoring my limits, and staying grounded in the constant movement.
  4. Kevin, the boyfriend. Heeyyyyyyyy.
  5. Hong Kong - my passion can support my wanderlust
  6. Delivering Happiness - I know it seems strange to put a book on the list but it seriously blew my mind and made me think about business in a new light. I highly recommend it. It was an even greater treat because after I finished listening to the audiobook, Jenn (Delivering Happiness CEO) came into the store and we briefly chatted about it. GEEK OUT.
Happy New Year all. Seriously. It's going to kick major booty.
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