DJDay's Do-Over Mix...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Shout out to Rich & Linotype for sharing the goodness. Rich sent it to me already saying you're welcome. At first I thought "arrogant jerk." But dang. Head nodding never ceased. 18:00 especially hits the spot. As a painting exercise, I used to listen to a song on repeat and let the song inspire me. This is the first time a mix has had that effect on me. I think the falling leaves represent the musical goodness Rich shared with me.
shake shake shake
I'll do a proper scan once it's done.

Weekend food festivities

Mmmmmochi, graham cracker, strawberry jam 'smmmmore'
Maple sugar bacon & sea salt caramel gelato. Two ice cream dishes before noon! O my!
It took two grown men to haul this cake. 'happy bITHday'
It appeared that Bruce was helping clean up at the party... But he was actually...
sneaking away to eat directly from the tray in the privacy of the kitchen. Yeah. I participated. So good.

There once was an empty bench...

He was lonely and knew he had many great qualities to offer the world. He called out to the neighboring plants, "Let's be friends & bathe in the sun together. I can protect you from the crawling creatures on the ground. Plus, you gotta check out this view. It's amazing."
Slowly, one by one the plants gathered.
Until the entire bench was filled with plants.
Then a giant man in purple and cords came over and ate them. Just kidding.
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