Rosy-minded Fuzz: A Ramble on Travel

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I've been feeling especially nostalgic recently for the good ole days in LA. The most recent memory was the road trip to Sasquatch (guess that wasn't in LA) with the folks and our siblings. Hahaha... "Oh I love you, sibling!!" That was so mean to KB. Oops. After the trip, we all found ourselves with gchat statuses quoting The National. I wish I took a screenshot of it because I remember thinking, YES. These are my friends. Alllllll nerds for music, who love "Apartment Story" as much as I do. Hahaha. Oh, and I just remembered singing along to "Mistaken for Strangers" in the car with KB in our deep, low voices :)

Oh, and happy 6 months in Asia to me! So much time has passed. Unbelievable. I see how living here has informed & changed my vision of how I want to live. I've been subconsciously picking up & integrating different philosophies & cultures like ikigai, Singaporean family values, the silliness & openness of singing anywhere. I love traveling & it's helped me learn to respect & appreciate the differences & idiosyncrasies of cultures. There are some traditions I disapprove of, like the mahouts breaking in a baby elephant with violence, but I also discovered and then worked for its beautiful alternative at the Elephant Nature Park. I've seen the filthy slums of India & the Philippines and the neat & tidy streets of Singapore & Japan; countries run by communism or intensely corrupt politicians where the people feel helpless about their own presidential election; locals who are willing to walk outside of their storefronts to point you in the right direction to those who won't even look you in the eye as they pass. I've been with strangers & friends, family and family I've never even met before, 4 generations of love. I've been in a long distance relationship & single & all the gray area in between.

These past 6 months carry significant changes, and I'm grateful for how it's helped me grow. One key point I learned about myself, that I didn't know before, is I can't say no to this lifestyle. I can't not travel & live out of a backpack for months at a time. I can't not get lost in a city where people sound like melodies as a result of language barriers. I can't not fill up a sketchbook with thoughts & scenes, connect with wanderlusters who feel like my best friends within 5 minutes of meeting.

That said, I'm ready to come home. It's been a year since I've had my own space, and as a Cancer, that's obscene!! Seeing the messy animation offices in the Ghibli Museum was the tipping point. I miss all my toys and ridiculous number of art books, animation posters (which includes Ratatouille, Spirited Away, Incredibles, Howl's Moving Castle & my favorite: the "For The Birds" poster I got at Pixar... jealous??? :). I've been dreading coming home out of fear I'd be unable to find the same sense of adventure of being in another country. Then I realized that my room, if it was a mess & jumble of artistic inspiration and kiddie fun, could hold all the adventure & imagination I'd ever need. So here's to coming home, working, and being able to hug my friends & add to that growing list of memories I'll turn to for the next time I find myself away from home.

My Labour of Love

Took me a while to finish this one. In the name of self-healing I decided to finish it tonight, and to my surprise there really wasn't much more to add, mainly the paper airplane & their smiling faces. It feels good it's done. We'll see if there are anymore treehouse kiddies in me. Could be the last one in a while... I guess time will tell. Using relationships & other people for material is tricky. Never thought there was an artistic angle to being self-sustainable, haha. Well, new personal goal is to find my inner muse so let the adventure begin!

On another note, I can't wait to scan this and make prints :)
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