My Adventure to the US Embassy

Thursday, March 25, 2010

As Lino put it, I had a pretty sweet problem: I needed additional pages in my passport. But o dear me... what a voyage! 3rd time's a charm I guess because I failed twice before. First time, I went on some US holiday like President's Day. Second time (this past Monday), I learned that the US passport services window is only open between the hours of 730am-830am. what. the. f. So, this morning, I woke up at 630am, took the usual jeepney & LRT to get there and 3 hours later, I left. And 5 hours later, I went back to pick it up. Gahhhhh.... I don't understand how taping a book of pages can be an 8 hour process... oh brother what a world!

Since I waited for a while, I sketched the restless folk around me. They're not very good sketches, but in my defense, it was suuuper early :). I was still sleepy! Still am!
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