So Special Sunday, 10-10-10 Edition

Monday, October 11, 2010

10-10-10 was a very special day. Very special. Started with free yoga & lounging in Santana Row to finish 6 paintings. I only got to 4.5 paintings.
I love drawing & painting in public mostly because of the attention from kids. They walk over shyly, crawling over the furniture to get a closer look, and start describing all the different elements in the drawing. I talked to a dad about his 4 year old son & how he loves to draw, and told him the most important role he could play in his son's life as an artist was to never discourage him away from it. As David Wiesner said at the book reading, at that young age it's a level playing field. The difference is that he never stopped drawing & most people did. Truth.
Purple hoody & diddy riese ice cream cookie sandwich sort of February. The trees loved this drawing apparently. Thanks for the love-shadow :)
custom ordered nose-boop painting
This may be one of my faves in the calendar
After the 3 hour painting party, I met with my business/craft fair partner-in-crime. Victo then drove me to BART, gave me two wonderful hugs, & I hopped on the train with SF on my mind. I forgot how much I love trains & public transportation. I felt a strong missing for NYC in that moment, and vowed to use public transportation in San Jose from now on.

From Powell, I walked to Flight 001 in hopes of buying another one of these:
I love love love this spork & gave mine to Bina for her travels. I hope she's using it because I sure do want one again! Anyway, they sold out (wah wah), so I made my way toward Golden Gate Park to meet with Adam. On the way, I stumbled upon the most wondrous event!!
The Hayes Valley Farm 10-10-10 Celebration!!

After Loma Prieta, SF's central freeway ramps were closed & removed, leaving a vacant lot on Hayes & Laguna. The community took it upon themselves to convert it to an urban farm. How wonderful! Now they have festival/parties, classes, workshops, etc. So happy.
The band was amazing... A lil folk, a lil gypsy, a lil blues, a lil jazz. The little kid in the front had the best dance moves.
They had a table where fresh produce was up for grabs. I stocked up on the free grapes! Everyone was so affable & passionate about farming. I made so many friends! I quickly remembered why I love SF so much.
Afterwards, I ventured to Ravi's for a fresh clam celebration! Earlier that day, Ravi & his friends drove to a oyster/clam farm an hour north of SF. I couldn't believe the giant bag of clams only cost 'em $25! It was enough for two clam courses for 8 people.
Ravi's doppelganger :)
Dessert. Figs. Wow.

I then fell asleep listening to J-Dilla & funky mixes, imagining I was in good musical company 300 miles away. Such a special Sunday.
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