Monday, October 25, 2010

pez + coin envelopes + clay
pez + coin envelopes + clay + paint + coffee straw
pez + coin envelopes + clay + paint + coffee straw + coat = FINISHED!
Then, after 1 hour of sleep...
Roll out! Crew call at 6am! David's scare/excited/do I have bed bugs?!/listening to hip-hop & r&b face.
Sun's up, let's get those shots. Hey hey hey. Check out my beautiful tin cans. I should keep 'em to make an actual tin can scene :)
Haha my beautiful coat in the daylight. Hello shadow! Those are the arms of my lovely art assistant/new bff Lola.
What's on the other side of the fence?
Oh nothing. Just sewage & a floating dead RAT.
Mmmm... Carroll Gardens. So close to Le Petit & yet so far!
Can you find the director in the sea of bullies?
Get that shot, Larkin.
This makes me giggle. I don't think it made the video though. Rate R for Rrrawsome!
Dunkin Donuts break yummm!
Look at my beautiful handiwork on the helmet. You're welcome.
Wardrobe, makeup & art departments chilling in the wood.
Bully leader with the soccer ball is 18 years old! He looks like a baby! And he's also going to Fordham but transferring to USC. WHOA.
Kids got tore up. Backflips = danger.
Breakfast Club fist pump YES!
yummer colors
Aaaaand... may the vacation section of my NY visit begin!
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