Happy Thanksgiving + Black Friday Sale!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Now, on to the good stuff...
For this year's Black Friday sale, I'm celebrating all weekend long! Stock up on cards, prints, stamps and other random goodies because this time around, the shipping's on me, and all orders over $45 get a free gift (hint: if you like the image above, you'll LOVE the gift). Just use coupon code CORNBREAD as you check out. I have a bonus coupon code for fellow Doctor Who fans out there, too. Try typing coupon code EXTERMINATE as you check out for your free shipping, and you just may get a Who-related free gift, too. Choose your coupon code wisely!

New in the shop: Holiday Clink Card, 8x10 prints Growing Up Geek & Tea. Earl Grey. Hot., and gift certificates for those who can't decide which print or card to get for their friend. Exclusive to my big cartel shop, I'm also having special deals with the 2013 calendar, greeting cards, and prints. So go crazy!

I hope your Thanksgiving was delicious. Happy shopping, and happy official start of the holiday season :)

Ice cream & cookies (& Thanksgiving leftovers!),

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