Back on the stateside of things

Thursday, May 06, 2010

After 22 hours in transit, I'm back in NYC. The city feels like it hasn't changed. Everything looks & smells as I left it in October, but 7 months has passed. A lot of change has happened. I feel different. People are different. Just gotta remember that & keep my feelings in check.

Reunited with levain & love--thanks to a happy train mix up--I'm posting a couple pictures from my camera before it died by capsizing in Lake Washington, a week before I left for the Philippines. I haven't seen these since I took them so it's an interesting then vs now.
x marks rich, the master of jumping
best ice cream in sf
ravi & rich riding bikes
our secret hideaway...
we could have stayed there forever but i had to...
buy this coat, haha.
the last picture on the camera before it drowned

o, october 2009
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