Day 2 in NYC with Victoria

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quite the eventful day! We were so very pooped by the end, but it was alllll genki.
Started bright & early with some volunteering action at 826nyc. The 4th grade class wrote about a girl-snake named Alice with mommy issues & a nemesis named Flower Girl. Sadly, the kids didn't want to write a story about Rob, a 13 year old average boy, or the weird princess who exaggerated everything. Next time.
We wandered through Park Slope with boba & a snack from Brooklyn Bread to hold us over until we went to...
As requested by Kevin Biggers!
We then made our way to midtown for a sweet jumping photography exhibit.
And just as the world was starting to feel sleepy
we treated ourselves to yoga to the people. Soooo gooood. Sweaty good.
Had a $1 beer to hold us over until we had Ramen at Minca with
these bodacious bros. Oh, and Milk for dessert. Now, those are some good cookies... but I'm still a Levain girl.

NYC, thank you for winning.
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