Oh brother what a Brookly Flea!!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

What a wonderful day!!
got up early at the Biggers home and packed up the inventory
drove into the city from new jersey with kevin's wonderfully helpful parents and set up the booth with their & bina's help. hey sissy face!!
My sister took a majority of the pictures. these are just the ones off my phone. Overall it was a wonderful day. I had many surprise appearances from friends... Special shout to Angela, David, Brian & Candice, Zach, Matthew for the good intentions, Loretta & Gayathri for the love. & my sissy. It was just so lovely seeing my old new york friends. it almost felt like a fair in LA with all the folks gathered in the back laughing and telling stories. It felt like New York was home again. I duno.. It & everyone was just so nice. I also met a lot of foreigners and visitors so that was really exciting.

I emailed BK Flea about doing next Saturday's fair too but haven't heard back yet. I'm a little low on inventory but dang, it was just too good to not do again :)
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