A Weekend of Celebrating Friends (& biking!)

Monday, May 02, 2011

3 celebrations in 3 days

Luis's birthday in Chinatown on Friday (biked 10 miles), Stephanie's going away party (biked 10 miles), and Bruce & Victoria's joint birthday (biked 11 miles). I also biked Wednesday night to Villians Tavern from Silverlake. I'm just so proud of myself because I've never biked so much IN MY LIFE. CicLAvia has changed me for the better.
Steph's party. Disney's Robin Hood playing on the ceiling. Happy happy!
Victo & Bruce's party was the perfect remedy for a late late night of dancing. Theme: STRIPES!
Victo got some sweet bday gifts! Including prints from dabito.
graham cracker crust + brownie
+ marshmallowand BAKE!!
nom nom nom
Bruce. You got a little on your lip.
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