ROAD TRIP USA: Day 1 (additional note)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

camping FAIL


Oklahoma - Texas - New Mexico
No interstate highways. Just sweet, delicious countryside & dirt terrain.
First surprise stop: EISCHEN'S!
Fried okra, whole fried chicken & all the fixins...
made for good leftovers/road trip food. Yes, James is driving.
And he drives with his leg propped up when he's not driving with his thigh. So safe, right?
Oh hello!
I am of the opinion that the ip4 camera phone takes stunning nature photos in a moving vehicle & hates portraits, especially at night.
New Mexico
This is Storm Trooper, our hairy caterpillar. I found him crawling on my shirt and he inched his way across the dashboard, eventually falling.
We later found him on James's neck (??!?!) and then his toe. We left our OK pet in Eagle's Nest, New Mexico (below). I hope he makes lots of new friends.
Today's goal: New Mexico to the Grand Canyon. We shall see.

Please Report to Your Work Stations

Monday, June 28, 2010

last day in okc = computer/work day
I spy with my little eye:
an unfinished dinosaur, rope for a tree branch, an old fashioned sharpener, autocad fun, two iphones, a col-erase pencil, a klean kanteen & a wacom pen. Can you find them all?

Happy Birthday Sandeep!

This lil puppy's really happy to celebrate your birthday!

Progress Report #2: New Biz Card

soooo many options! thanks for everyone's suggestions & comments :)
now to pick one...

ps: there's no white or black border. it's full bleed.

Progress Report #1: New Biz Card

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I love but it's so expensive. With RCF coming up, I can't afford to hand out those like candy. So here's a different version. Simple, one color, front & back. I'll take any and all comments, suggestions for improvement, hate mail, etc. It's still def a WIP.

More RCF prep before I hit the road

Friday, June 25, 2010

ba- dum-ching!
My days in OKC are numbered, which means RCF is coming up soon. Gotta sew like whoa.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

who is that lurking in the grass?
it is the mighty king of the backyard lawn!
but it is much too hot for playing in the sun...
we'll explore indoors today
ps: nice big booty, dino

Oh hello sketchbook!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So nice to see you again today.
Bringing back the tree a day steady hustle.

A Couple of Le Petites

I finished another custom-ordered very petit elefant & decided to sneak a photoshoot with James's baby pictures while he was out mowing the lawn. Muahahaha!! So I present you with baby ele & baby James. Some of 'em could be his bros but regardless, CUTE!!
The pictures are a little dark (damn you iphone!). I guess I could retouch 'em in photoshop but my impatience wins.
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