How I ate my way through New York City

Monday, June 04, 2012

Kevin and I had fun devouring our way through NYC and BK. A few other places google maps was unable to find: Tradesman Bar in Bushwick, Clementine Bakery in Clinton Hill, and Speedy Romeo in Clinton Hill. YUM.
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Trip highlights: 
Momofuku Ko - Kevin woke up at 6:30am to try his luck at getting a reservation for Momofuku Ko. They only release reservations 7 days in advance and at 10am EST, hence the early wake up. After several refreshes we had SUCCESS!! No photography allowed but I will share my favorite dish: shaved Hudson Valley foie gras, lychee, pineapple gelee and pine nut brittle. The melon, cold dashi, oyster shooter was divine as well. So was the turnips, avocado-coconut milk puree, scallops and cucumber ice dish, and well, the 10 other dishes.

Maialino - My sister's boyfriend works here as a barista so we got special treatment. The chef offered to cook a mystery meal of 3 courses plus desssert for $50 a head. We had strong cocktails and an endless amount of food, including the lamb neck stew, olive oil cake, THE BREAD, seared octopus, veal heart, lamb chops, and my favorite... fresh, hot doughnuts with warm cider syrup. Gah. It's an experience, and there have been several celebrity sightings there including more recently, Jack White (Bina's bf FREAKED OUT). Tied with Momofuku for best meal.

Uniqlo & Muji - DUH! Shopping spreeeeeeeeee

Bemelmans Bar - Kevin and I learned about it from Anthony Bourdain's The Layover. The drinks are pricey yet stiff. But you're not paying for the drinks--you're paying for atmosphere, and it's pure magic. The walls are covered from carpet to ceiling with Ludwig Bemelmans's murals. Even the lamp shades are painted! I would love to just sit and read a book in there.

Light reading at McNally Jackon Books before dinner at Peasant

David, Bina & Alex at Fette Sau. David was in town to shoot a Santigold music video. What serendipity!

Basta Pasta. Endless thank yous to Bob for introducing me to this place.

photos by bina santos & genevieve santos (me!)
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