Progress Report #1: Hiroko's drawing

Monday, April 19, 2010

Which one which one! Don't mind the unrelated sketches in the second one, haha

Uh huh! Mmhmm!

Listened to She & Him Volume 2 all night tonight & came to the conclusion that if I were to write & sing a silly-happy song about getting over someone, it'd be "Gonna Get Along Without You Now." Especially the line: gonna find someone who's twice as cute. Haha. Fo sho. Keep it true.
I drew this at the Singapore library a couple days ago!
I sewed these today! (seriously that's a lot!)
I drew this today! I like yogaaaa.

Sketches from the Changi Airport

I like the forward fold one. Hahaha.
Awwww!! Why'd you have to fart?!?
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