Unique LA Day 2: And we're open for business!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Nothing like a morning bike ride to start the day. After paying $18 for parking yesterday, I REFUSED to pay again! I got to the fair early & waited for the doors to open along with all the other eager vendors.
Good morning table #85 in the corner next to the yummy food booths.
Yes, being next to Scootabaker does make me hungry.
Caught after slyly walking away with my giant plush O. Without it, it would just say HELL. That just can't be!Dawww, she's so cute!

After the fair, I took a look at my inventory & realized the Rawr cards were doing really well aaaaand I had run out! I hastily traveled to Pasadena via Gold Line & bicycle to visit paper source before they closed. Phew I made it! So I printed more rawr cards & whipped up a new batch of business cards because I too had run out of my moo business cards. Take a peak!
I'm very very grateful for the help & companionship of my friends, namely Abel, Shweta & Rachel, and the friends, old & newly-acquainted, who visited! Ya'll made it awesome!

Last night I called my mom & she told me doing well at UniqueLA is the best mothers day gift one could give her. Dawww... Happy Mommy's Day, mommy! I'm gonna make you proud today!
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