LACE at Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

Sunday, September 26, 2010

LACE booth #2. Some assembling required.
Honestly, I was a bit worried about the night aspect of the night market. I feared I'd get sleepy & tired but KCRW DJs saved the day. I couldn't stop dancing. Lots and lots of MJ & they actually played "Feels Good" :D . I forgot what good music mixed together in hour long sets sounded like!
Best new idea everrrrr... hand-drawn sign up sheet for the win :)
Props to Hyosun for putting up the flag banner
Yay we did it!
Michelle of Flockshop told me one of her featured artist did so well at Comic-Con last year that he had to bring his printer to the booth & make prints as people ordered because he kept running out. I took her advice. Damn good advice.
The view from backstage
Rich sporting the first plush bow tie I ever made (the fee for using his likeness & energy in my paintings :). I think it's a fair exchange. I didn't even ask him to wear it! Awesome.
The Rabaja women debating over the elephants :)
dig dig dig

Thank you to everyone who came out!
Special shout to Thery & Mo for revisting. Rich for sporting the tie, the yummy taco delivery service & bringing the great Randini. Hyosun, Albert, Shweta & Brendan for helping with the take up/take down. Kevin & Bruce for the tasty food. Stephanie for the loud popper thingies and Rachel for honestly not burning my toe with one. Mickey, David & Megan for the in-booth dance party. Mary for bringing her family (yay mama Rabaja!). Mitchell & his pals for their table organizational skillz. Jo, Stephanie, Andrew, Carissa, Jess, Melissa, Merrick & Karen for hanging out backstage. James, Bina & Adam for the good vibes... Who else who else... oh! Victo for eeerrthing :)

Next fair: Bizarre Bazaar, SF

Friday Night is Dance Night

Arun doing his Bollywood thing :)
Herbie doing his drinkin' thing at El Cid
Regrouping after dancing on stage with Diplo
Yoga at 2am! A great warm up for dancing to records.
Staying up with friends dancing in their guesthouse, swinging in a hammock, and laughing til 3am...mmmm, I love Los Angeles.
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