Sure & Steady Hustle

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I took a brief ice cream break after bazaar bizarre
only to immediately jump back into action & tackle the orders due before the new year.
Seven earmuffs, one rhino plush, two paintings, one elephant, 3 sets of specialize prints I still have to paint. (don't worry... floors clean. we have a shoes-off policy!) Thank goodness my little sister is back from her 3-month long tour of Southeast Asia to help me!
This is her project box. She's in charge of making the plush audio plugs & cardboard circles.
She also brought me lovely Japanese presents... haaaaaaaaaaaam! & pens galore!
Work station is a mess but I guess that's how I prefer it.
I'm pooped but o so very happy. I'm also two for two visits to the post office this week & looks like I'll be heading there tomorrow for more deliveries :)
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