A Plush Retreat!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh my gahhhh.... a PLUSH RETREAT?! SHUTTUP! Apparently, there's an etsy street team called, "Plush Team" and they just had a retreat in Virginia this past weekend. Oh man... Amazing! Read more here. I'm just geeking out like whoa right now.

I feel soo goooooooooood

I've been working hard on custom orders, craft fair prep, outgoing orders & this newly acquired part time gig... OMG SO BUSY but SO HAPPY! Closure at last with long overdue unresolved personal stupidities & openness with new projects & friends. FEELS GOOD (yeah). I think it feels especially great because I'm doing all this while within my own personal 'home.' And I have kitties. I love them they're so cute!
captain& mr. w
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