Thursday, August 25, 2011

So! Recently I went to Disneyland (yaaaaaaaay!!). I'd totally get a season pass if I actually lived in SoCal... Anyway, I was able to snag some discount tickets from my fine friends & hopped both parks with the Biggers Clan.

Btw, totally kicked Kevin's butt on Astroblasters AND Toy Story 2 Midway Mania. HA!

Anyway, the trip got me nostalgic and I thought about the first time I went to Disneyland (it was the Biggers' first time ever!). I dug up these photos from my first trip. I guess my sister is kind of in the picture too (mom was hella pregs).
My dad's hair was CRAZY!

Peter Pan at the time was my favorite Disney film and lookee who we got here!

Couldn't resist adding a little caption to this one. So HARDCORE!

My customers come up with the best ideas!

the tin can card as an 8x10 print!
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