The Creative Process

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I noticed while chatting with my traveling little sister that I have for some time now stopped reading & writing about the creative process. I mostly write about my gratitude for friends, adventures in LA, marketing strategies, goals, and custom orders. I've stopped caring about what other people have to say about how to spend your time, how to be a successful freelancer, how to stay focused, etc. I think in the years spent gathering all the information in the world regarding the creative process, I noticed it was same information over and over again. And I realized that reading analytical text about a very gutteral experience is just pointless. Sure, it warns you of what you're getting in to, but like anything, no amount of preparation can help you if you're really going to dive in head first. I'm glad I didn't read stuff like the 40 hour work week because I now find I didn't need to, because I lived it by doing and making mistakes. **Oh, I forgot to add that I didn't have to read it because my friend quoted it at least every other time we spoke hehe.

From an interview with David Horvath:

Did you ever go out and actively ask people

for help and advice?

I realized when I was much younger, after calling

up Gary Baseman for some very good advice,

that I was getting great advice on how to do

things a way they had already been done.

The best advice I can give is to get as much input

as you can, and then don’t follow any of it.

Dear Michelle Obama,

I am Isayas, and I wanted to tell you that English is a good language because it’s easier to learn. And I want to ask you why do people make up weird names like hot dog or runny nose, or even smelly feet? Because a hot dog should be a dog that’s hot and a runny nose should be a nose running, and a smelly foot should be a foot that has a nose on it. Do you get these? And do you have a nose on your foot?

Here is a joke: What is a hissing cockroach’s favorite subject in school? Hissssssstory. What should you do to a blue elephant? Cheer it up! Why do brooms and vacuum cleaners think people are mean? Because they keep on pushing them. So, were they funny? Great!

— ISAYAS BIKILA, age 9, Seattle

Just had to share. So darn cute! Read more here.

So So Thankful

it's a sea of FOOD!
the dessert portion of the meal. Yes, that is BUTTER.
we had two trunk shows after dinner... Le Petit Elefant & my aunt's jewelry :)
my to go plate
a few snaps of the HARO! custom order before I send it on its 'Mary' way
(ohhh ha ha ha :)
Rachel at the CSA pick-up
black friday dinner...
chard & bacon, truffle french fries, parsnip fries, and tangerine, persimmon, sesame salad. Thank you CSA & friends!

Pre-Thanksgiving Fun!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Love this long drive.
Made it in time to see Tsz kick ass at a noodle cook-off competition with Kevin & Chris.
Tonight's Menu... friendships!
Don't drop the persimmons, Kevin!
Real men don't cry, Kevin!
Nice of you & your socks to finally join us, Germain
The ladies lounge while the men clean. I like this.


Holy guacamole!! Black Friday Sale on etsy!

For one day only I'm offering free shipping within the US and sale gift bundles:

card for $40

card for $32

or four holiday cards or more at $3.50 each

I'll have the bundles available as items & you simply specify which print, card & color preference for the elephant when ordering. The bundles are perfect as one gift or multiple for your mom, a friend or yourself!

Enjoy & have fun eating then shopping! :)

Strawberry Swing

Sunday, November 21, 2010

old news but it's resurfaced into my present thanks to that magical day on the swings with besties bruce & biggers. this song just makes me happy & calm. on that note, time to finish these custom ordered giant letters.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

daily walks & bike rides since free yoga is scarce in these parts
custom orders:
eating a whole lot of these:
sketchbook-for-sale designing
& more custom orders
all so I can get to LA by Monday to 1) beat thanksgiving traffic, 2) eat free noodles to 3) support my friend & 4) watch TV with bestie. Yay priorities!

Escaped kite!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

rory: hello miss.
caitlin (looks up from book): hello.
rory: you look like a nice person. i also see you like books. well, i like creating a tower of books and jumping from it to retrieve escaped kites. mind if i...?
caitlin: by all means. i'll keep 'good night moon' if you don't mind though...

Holiday Craft Bazaar at Hercules Market Hall!

Hoorah! I just got accepted to vend at Hercules Market Hall's Holiday Craft Bazaar!

I read about this craft fair on a blog post but wasn't too convinced until I visited the website. Whoa nelly what a great space! You can even rent trailers instead of booth spaces! Neato!

As it says on its website, the Market Hall 'is a new concept for a "movable" community retail and gathering space that brings a unique mix of dining, retail, and recreational uses to the City of Hercules. The project combines elements from a public market, a park, a community festival, and a roadside diner to create an active amenity for the residents and visitors of Hercules to enjoy.'

You can find me:
Friday December 3rd, 6-9pm (for the tree lighting ceremony!)
Saturday December 4th, 10am-5pm

Market Hall

4000 San Pablo Avenue

Hercules, CA 94547

It'll be fun-filled days of live music, s'mores by the fire & an appearance by Santa!

Black Friday Sale on Etsy!

Yes! You indeed read correctly. I'm having an etsy sale of my own for those who don't like waking up before sunrise to buy cheap external hard drives and socks. Shop in the warmth of your bed & blankie!

For one day only I'm offering free shipping within the US and sale gift bundles:

calendar + any print + any card for $40
petit elephant + any print + any card for $32
four holiday cards or more at $3.50 each

I'll have the bundles available as items & you simply specify which print, card & color preference for the elephant when ordering. The bundles are perfect as one gift or multiple for your mom, a friend or yourself!

My Special Holiday Card

Monday, November 15, 2010

As in not for sale & only for past custom(order)ers, friends & fam!
I can reveal this illustration because it didn't make the final cut. But I enjoy her expression & pose!

EVHS Holiday Craft Fair Recap

Sunday, November 14, 2010

So! Honestly not my most favorite, positive craft fair experience but still a great time.
I wasn't really sure what to expect since it was 1) in San Jose (I've only vended in LA & BK), 2) in a high school gym, and 3) in San Jose. San Jose is such a strange city to me. Definitely diverse and the size of a big, major city but with the attitude of a suburb. I really don't know how that translates in the selling of handmade goods. I still don't know.

I have to admit though... a great benefit was having my parents around. I've largely operated with help from my 'good friends' so having parental units instead was an interesting change. I mean, this was my breakfast Saturday morning:
Yeah. I know, right?

One thing I definitely appreciated was the support from my friends hundreds of miles away. I was flying solo mostly (my parents left at one point or another because of boredom though I don't think they'd admit it) but the incoming phone calls, videos of monkey :), texts, photo likes on fb & emails were lovely. Such good friends!
Next to me was the most incredible 70+ year old abuela who knitted scarves, hats, etc. She did it with her eyes closed, blazing through the yarn like it ain't no thang. She had me open her medication bottle for her, which amazes me since she clearly has the hand strength to knit a mile a minute. As I handed back her pill container, I brushed against her wrinkly weathered hand & was immediately reminded of Di fara's & the 70+ y.o. pizza man in Brooklyn. I rhetorically asked my mom if that would be me & she flat out said 'no.' Honestly I don't think I'd mind.
Every hour I met a new member of abuela's family. Mario, her 8 yo grandson, was especially amusing. He talked A LOT, said I reminded him of Linda Cardellini as Velma in Scooby-Doo & enthusiastically declared his love for Team Edward. How we started talking:
Me: How's it going?
Mario: Tough.
Who says that at the age of 8?!
Though the event didn't get much foot traffic, I did connect with a lot of people, and even had some returning customers! One returning customer said my work 'simply makes you smile!' Another mom & daughters came back on the second day for this little guy so their petit elefant could have a friend :)
Overall it was a different kind of experience thus it was valuable. I had a lot of fun, learned a lot & discovered the glory of being able to leave your set up overnight :)
On to the next fair. See you at Bazaar Bizarre!

EVHS Holiday Craft Fair prep Part 2

Friday, November 12, 2010

as i told audrey earlier tonight
my illustrations
are slowly
invading my reality. she's a real girl!
while making it, i probably spent a total of 30 mins sitting & smiling back at her. she's just so happy!
pack it up pack it in. i have my p&t pencil as a substitute for victo as i'm flying solo this weekend. swing by & offer moral support!

Evergreen Valley High School
3300 Quimby Road
San Jose CA
10-5pm this Sat & Sun

Look what I found!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

two original paintings from my monsters jump rope series!
I think I painted these when I worked at New Line or something... so 3 years ago?
So cute!
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