Tree a Day #18

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I really need a new sketchbook. Drawing on the inside cover is too much. Anyway, saw a tree today that looked like two but was actually one and it gave me an idea for a new tree house painting! Here's the rough sketch. It comes from the heart. I'm so excited to paint it :)

The Art of Positive Thinking

Your mind effects the universe, and it also creates it. Your thoughts absolutely determine your reality. How you generally feel inside and what thoughts you generally carry in your head is what's going to keep coming at you.

David Horvath, creator of Ugly Dolls, on achieving goals.

Let's do this exercise (I stole from a podcast :). Be in a relaxed space & state of mind. Close your eyes & focus on your breath. Now quietly repeat the word "trouble" to yourself. Do it a few times. Feel the word & the sensations it causes. Ok, now repeat the word "compassion" and "love." Feel the sensations those words cause. Do you sense that subtle difference in weight? I did when I did the exercise and if you did too... well, that is the power of positivity!

Imagine being in a state where you feel the word "trouble" constantly as opposed to one where your mantra is "love." If that weight was replaced by lightness, how different your entire world would be! You are the universe you create for yourself. And if it's gloomy, sad or bitter, then you'll see it all around you. You have to be open to the loveliness of the world to receive its loveliness. You have to believe in it first to let it into your life.

Gold stars all around!! :D


I've been listening to Jonsi's solo album on repeat and thinking a lot about surrendering to the present. The combination of the two has stirred old memories and I just wanted to let it out into the universe. I try to be present but these memories keep pushing their way to the surface!

I fondly remember/miss/would like to repeat (in no particular order):
  • singing along to sigur ros in the car with kevin, bruce & victo (lalalalalala... oo oooh)
  • making short films with james
  • saying the same thing at the same time as bina and freaking out after it happened
  • sexy time & sharing sooooo many feeeelings with sandeep
  • sitting on the steps of union square, eating a trader joe's dinner with rich
  • reading my yogi tea fortunes at yogaworks before each class
  • eating watermelon halves with a spoon in my office
  • talking to david the security guy at new line
  • hopping into arun's car to grab lunch
  • hugging daniele & sighing/giggling with happiness
  • crafting with my coeterie
  • using sandeep's pressure cooker (lol)
  • listening to kevin's "mix cds" in the car
  • taking naps sandwiched between monkey & james
  • calling spec & mitchell for a morning coffee bean run
  • laughing about how that's sandeep's side of the bed (the joke never gets old)
  • realizing that deep, sandeep & i lost afshin to the pool table yet again
  • listening to rich flow while we both worked
  • brx tv marathons until the sun came up
  • frantically searching stacy's desk for her wacom pen
  • taking the chuchos out for a walk
  • the smell of ben & jerry's ice cream
wow, sandeep. you're in there a lot! i must reaaaally miss you! :) mmm, ok. i feel better.
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