Tree a Day #16: Buddha is Everywhere

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I was listening to a podcast about buddha and love, and they brought up an interesting take.

Imagine everyone in the world, except one person, is buddha and the one person who isn't is you. And every one--as buddha--is trying to teach you and help you along your path. Therefore, every one has a purpose & reason for being in your life, from the stranger on the street to your best friend. Their influences may be different but their importance is equal. And it's natural for people to ebb & flow in & out (yum!!) of your life like the tide. There's a time & place for everything, and the same goes with people! The way I see it, believing that everyone exists to help guide you will only open you up to love. Your life would be a regular This American Life, discovering that every person has an interesting story to tell or a solid piece of advice, that the most ordinary is actually extraordinary. You could find adventures in your own backyard, which I feel is so difficult.

And as the boundaries dissolve between yourself and the world, the love & light you shine will flood the world, leaving nothing and no one untouched or unaffected by your love. Mmm... what a beautiful way to exist!

Thanks for reading, you buddha yoooou :)
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