Hong Kong, pt 5: the final post I swear!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

baby's first hainan chicken
ocean park
these next pictures are by jamesour blue moose friend
where our tofu came fromthe visitor & the groom reunited
So, on our last day in Hong Kong, we checked out, left our luggage at the hostel and explored kowloon one last time. We drank delicious coconut milk, indulged in food and street markets. We sat along Avenue of the Stars watching the city skyline light show:It was a great way to end the day, all the while preparing for a 15-hour flight & intense culture-shock/transition. We scrambled to the hostel to get our stuff and right before we hopped into the lift, I took one more look at our itinerary to confirm the time. OOPS! OOOOPS! We were actually leaving the next day.... haaaaaa! Time adjustments, leaving on Feb. 3rd at 1am aka Feb. 2nd but it was actually the 1st.... Confusion! MY bad! So we hobbled back into the hostel, asked for our room back and sat in bed laughing for a good amount of time, repeatedly asking, 'wait, so what do we do tomorrow?!'

Turns out it was a very pleasant surprise. There's actually a lot you can do in an amazing city in a day and without the pressures of 'we gotta do this before we leave!' because we had already done it. It happened again back in the states when James's flight was delayed due to weather, buying us an extra day together. Happy extra days.
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