Thom Yorke

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh how this man can waaaaaail. I'd never seen him in a hoodie, so I was curious. I didn't mean to make him look so emo though! Perhaps he just remembered he's on the New Moon soundtrack, teehee.

Amazing, Artsy, Admiring Anchovies!

Killing pillows is wonderful for two reasons: stuffing & fabric.

Global Language Project NEEDS YOUR VOTES!

My friend's nonprofit, Global Language Project, is competing in the Pepsi Refresh Campaign. They are soooo close to winning the $50,000 grant, & need your help to vote ONCE EVERYDAY until this Friday. They just need to be in the top ten to win the grant!

Click here to cast your vote for Global Language Project:

Thanks for the love everyone :)

Happy Birthday Daddy!

I was sitting in the kitchen brainstorming what I could draw to honor my dad... I asked myself, what does daddy like? MICHAEL JORDAN!! Hahahahaha. So I found a picture (below), stuck my dad's face on there and walla. Hahahaha. I personally really love it, just like my pops. Jordan 4th quarter in '92.
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