This Week's New Art

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I'm going to try to be consistent with blogging again. Call it my mid-year resolution. At least twice a week. So! While I've been quiet on my blog, it doesn't mean I've been idle. Custom orders and craft fairs have consumed my time (in a good way), and here's a peak at the most recent work.

The same couple who commissioned the above geeky painting used my vector illustration to create their party favors. So cute.
He proposed with Lego blocks and Toy Story alien toys. Gahhh!!
An illustration for a maid of honor based on an inside joke that the bride would make her wear the ugliest dress in the world :)

These two like their wine and silliness. I'm also drawing a jumping picture for them.
I've been meaning to draw this for while. Yay!
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