Road Trip USA: Day 4

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Yosemite - San Jose - Emeryville
Yosemite to Pixar. California for the win.

For the record, that campsite was not full because no one came by to tell us to leave. Yay! Free lodging AGAIN which brings us to the grand total of $10 for lodging on the road trip. So we drove through Yosemite National Park. I'd never been there before, and yep, I understand what all the fuss is about. It's gorgeous.
Half dome at 6am
Geoff, our Pixar tour guide, told us to wear our driving hats while at Pixar. SOOO READY!
Small towns in California win for most charmingly historical.
Oh, you tempt me SO Budlight!
Oh, Santa Clara County. You never looked so pretty.
State hwy 130 was hands down the most windy, twisting, topsy-turvy road ever, but it let us cut through the mountains and deposited us right in my backyard, San Jose. And just as soon as we arrived in San Jose, we took off again to...
Yep, that's proof that I made it behind those beautiful, tall gates.
Now James is smiling!
(he really smells like strawberries!)
Can you see the hidden message?

you're my favorite picture (customer)
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