Bazaar Bizarre Prep #1

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

print, trim, punch, perforate, tie
take a look. it's in a book.
the usual suspects
assembly line
happy bike ride for more supplies

Good Thing

Props to mister Linotype for putting together a solid blend. Have a listen. It's my current theme song :)

Good Thing (DrumType Edit) by LinoType

Customers keep making me cry!

A gentleman I met at the last craft fair emailed me requesting a custom plush as his wife's Christmas present. Not only did he add little tidbits about his lovely wife & their relationship so that I'll have a stronger connection to what I'll sew, but he said: 'Keep up the good work... the world needs more artists with joy in their hearts for what they do.'

Gahhh... I totally started bawling with happiness!

It's a very strange sensation. For 90% of my life, I've been an artist for myself. It's only recently that I've opened up to welcome other people's ideas and collaborate with them. It's taken a while not due to arrogance but because I was scared of disappointing them or just not having a strong enough voice. I am still sometimes shaky about taking on new & challenging projects but the desire to grow & become a better artist always wins (against EVIL! teehee). Anyway, that's all. So much happy-crying! I might just be a pool of tears at Bazaar Bizarre if this keeps up!


one of my dinosaurs with his new companion
thanks for sending the picture, Thery! :)
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