Renegade Craft Fair outfit!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So I bought the black dress, and traded the second dress for a pair of black sandals. I realized I could wear those blacks sandals, or the brown shoes I bought in Japan, and then I just threw in my beret, also from Japan. Apparently, all items are from Japan. Guess I'm channeling my Japanese side :) Yaaay for being a girl!

ps, i love asia for the quality, relatively inexpensive clothes:
dress: $18
brown shoes: $10
hat: $14
sandals: $18

Knickerbocker Vapor!

this post was brought to you by the letters K & V. done with those... now I can go to bed :)

I went shopping today

on my own & couldn't decide between two dresses, so I drew sketches for an objective pov. Hahaha, I'm ridiculous. I still haven't decided--they're on hold :)
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