Silverlake Farms, Friends & Food

Monday, March 07, 2011

Three of my good friends work for Silverlake Farms & most of my friends are part of Silverlake's CSA. This gave me access to the potluck for its shareholders. Party food friend time what whaaaat :)
Kevin & I chopped up some lamb chops, bacon, heirloom tomatoes & shallots, & made our way to the farm.
So much good food including butternut squash, homemade beer, urfa biber chocolate brownies and carrot ginger soup.
Nikos sang. It was my first time hearing him play. Amaaaazing.
I also made my first fire! With Germain's guidance of course.
peach mousse afterparty dessert
We listened to LCD soundsystem fireside & chatted about songs with secret dirty lyrics we never picked up on when we were kids. It made for a great last night in LA.
Then it was home-homeward bound for me.
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