Unique LA!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Wow what a wee(eeee!)kend! The best ever yet! As you can tell from the quiet of my blog, I've been busy preparing for the upcoming holiday fairs and Unique LA wiped me out clean! So much for being prepared ;) I debuted my arm/hand mufflers, and needless to say they were a cozy, warm hit.
 Dressed in denim & ready to vend! My dress is by my good friend & designer Jill Yee. Photo by Scott.
flustered vending. so many people & smiles!
Best photobooth set up ever. Happy holidays from {Paper & Type} & yours truly. I've always wanted a fro so I was pretty ecstatic to see it as a prop. And there's my muffler!
Kevin & I wish you happy holidays as well ;)
Kevin & I made our way to Figaro just down the street from his house to celebrate by candlelight & eating mussels. Nom nom.
Discover Paper also snapped some delightful photos of my stuff. Thank you to everyone who visited. I'm always happy to see new & old friends, and match faces with etsy usernames. See you next weekend at Renegade Craft Fair LA!
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