Progress Report: L is for Luke

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Yay fast internet! Macbook pros have internet connectivity issues sometimes and it's all the time at Kevin's. So hoorah to Casbah Cafe for having that fast ish. Quick break from travel/transition chatting with Merrick to post this update. Oh no he's coming back.. seee yaaah...

oh, false alarm. Great! I can blog about this:
Merrick got it for me in Singapore! Sweeeeet. It's so purdy & for/from a wonderful non-profit, 'blessings in a bag'. Here's what the back of the card says:

Beautifully hand-sewn with lots of love by a women's group in the Philippines, these cheery flower key-chains are awesome gifts or something for you to attach to your bags! No two pieces will ever be the same, so if you like what you see... Grab it before it's gone!

Lovely lovely!
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