Tree A Day #3

Thursday, February 18, 2010

mmm because I missed autumn in nyc.

Progress Report #3

I started the second baby :) Haha worked on this while watching Indian Jones & the Last Crusade with my cousin. Love that movie. 45 mins of distracted work.

Completely Complete

This post got me thinking about relationships and how much I learned from the last one:

No matter how hard you try & give, it'll never be enough if you feel incomplete & wounded. I remember realizing that a few years ago... that you could be with the greatest person ever, but you will never trust their love because you don't trust your own. So how can you reciprocate? How can you give? How can you expect to give yourself without losing yourself in the process? It just delays the unavoidable which is relearning how to love so that it's done unconditionally. And it's such a painful process... to cut your roots and dare them to grow elsewhere. But it's what's necessary & best for you. And if you can't fight for your own growth & betterment, then what's the point of existing? You could give & give to the world, but if you never learned to give to yourself, love yourself, your services may be pained, the joy from it temporary, and you risk your gifts being tainted with resentment. Relationships are about giving yourself to someone, but also about being whole before you even begin. And if you started one as a wounded soul, then the most you can do is hope the person you love loves you enough to let you g(r)o(w).
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