The Small, Confident Traveler

Monday, May 17, 2010

I apologize for the terrible quality that is apple's photo booth. I should really invest in a camera now that I don't have my aunt's anymore.

Baltimore: Sesame Street by Day, The Wire by Night

Attended Megapolis, the audio arts festival... so much fun drawing all the geeks in their radio/listening/musical glory.
During an audio-dead puppies-exquisite corpse workshop.
Band rockin' out hardcore. METAL!! YEAAAH!
Journey back from Baltimore to NYC... feeling rejuvenated & renewed!
Best sight ever... so, I see a gent on the subway mumbling to himself. He's rehearsing something. He then pulls out an envelope which contains a box which holds... an engagement ring! He was practicing his proposal! Gahhhhhhhhh :) So I sketched him. Best of luck to him.
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