Tree A Day #11: The Outcome

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I talked to two wonderful people today: Rich & Adam. The conversations really helped remind me of where I am, who I'm becoming and what I want. Rich grounded me and Adam jogged my memory of a really important concept... 

no attachment to the outcome

I think when I adopted that concept into my life, it manifested in how I approach my work. When I make a piece of art, I lose myself completely to making the piece. I don't think about what it's going to look like in the end. I think about the lines and how the pen moves. Anyway, "no attachment to the outcome" didn't quite completely transfer to my approach to self-growth. I can't quite articulate how I can have no attachment to the outcome in regards to myself, but it does connect... That if one is working on trying to heal or grow, then one can't think, I'm going to do this to help me heal and get over so-and-so. Instead, I'm going going to do this because I want to. Because the act itself makes me happy. If you label everything with the intent of healing, it becomes weighed down all the emotional ties to the wounds. Not that one shouldn't acknowledge & honor, but gee, that's unfair to burden listening to a song or visiting a city with all that! So basically, to grow without the intent of healing... but just living. I hope this new approach will help me. I think it will.
oh, and these kids were so funny! they were playing over an air vent in the mall.
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