Bazaar Bizarre & me, day 2

Monday, December 13, 2010

with a slight layout reconfiguration, we readied for the day
the fair's just waking up
live djs saved my life
a look from backstage
kevin & my mom's contribution to the snack bag, which eventually filled with treats from tho & victo's fam
on site father-daughter brainstorming sesh
packed up & ready to go home to eat shrimp & watch 30 rock! yessss

overall, a very wonderfully successful fair. successful in that i met amazing folks, received a verbal/personal confirmation for selling my goodies at modern mouse & got to spend quality time with friends of the best/good, long-time-no-see, and future-bff persuasions. thank you to all who came especially mazzoni, tho, jt, matt, jeff, ravi, ali, alexis & kevin.

the plan for 2011 summer craft fairs is to pack up my car and make a 2-month road trip out of it. send me a line if you'd like me to visit your town's craft fair!

okay, time to hibernate in my custom order studio :)
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